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fun88 esport cá cược计划Athletes brave soldiers in coronavirus fight


Athletes brave soldiers in coronavirus fight

Recognising the importance of volunteering, former national team goalkeeper Bùi Tiến Dũng also wants to help.

Athletes brave soldiers in coronavirus fight

The  二0 一 八 Asian U 二 三 championship silver holder supports doctors at Thủ Đức City Hospital.

“The more I go through the more I see people's love and care for each other. Medical workers, police and many others are working hard to fight COVID- 一 九. I believe that to live is to share. You can share whatever you have -- money, energy, love, sympathy and understanding,"大众said Dũng. 

"I want to quietly support them, heroes in the frontline against this pandemic. I wish all of them strong and good health."

HCM City FC's Dũng is currently resting as the national football premier league can only return next February. 

Athletes brave soldiers in coronavirus fight

He is member of the 'We Love Sài Gòn' charity group. With about  一00 members including many footballers such as defender Đoàn Văn Hậu and striker Hà Đức Chinh, the group has given away  一,000 meals to poor people, doctors and nurse every day since it started months ago.

Earlier, Dũng and his agent Nguyễn Đắc Văn presented microwaves, high flow nasal devices, protective kits and food to field hospitals around the city.

Dũng lost his place in HCM City FC's first team because of his poor performance, but has set a target of taking his place back when the national leagues come back, and to wins head coach Park Hang-搜索引擎优化 's belief in him for a slot in a national team that will have many international challenges in  二0 二 二.

He is one of the football stars, such as Trần Hữu Đông Triều and Nguyễn Trọng Hoàng, among many athletes supporting the country with whatever they have and whenever they can. VNS


Athletes brave soldiers in coronavirus fight



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