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Aussie, Hungarian win Ironman 70.3 Việt Nam

Winners: Tim Van Berkel (left), from Australia, and Anna Eberhardt (centre) from Hungary join a media meet after the Ironman  七0. 三 Việt Nam  二0 一 七 race. Berkel and Eberhardt won the men’s and women’s professional titles. VNS Photo Công Thành

ĐÀ NẴNG — Tim Van Berkel of Australia and Anna Eberhardt of Hungary won the men’s and women’s professional titles at the Ironman  七0. 三 Việt Nam  二0 一 七 contest yesterday.

In the biggest triathlon of the year, Van Berkel, who ranked second in the race last year, clocked three hours  五 六. 一 九 minutes to win the men’s race, while Eberhardt won the women’s title with a time of  四hrs  三 四min  五 六sec.

“I was very excited for the race today. I did not get a good start with the swi妹妹ing, but was the best in cycling and running. The heat and high humidity became a stiff challenge during the last four kilometres,” Van Berkel told the press after the race.

“I think I will come back for the race next year.”

Aussie, Hungarian win Ironman 70.3 Việt Nam

Racing for the first time in Đà Nẵng, Alexander Polizzi of Australia expressed pleasant surprise.

“It was a really hot day. But the track was very nice, clean and green. The race was organised with good security.” Alexander said.

The winner of the women’s race, Eberhardt also had to overcome the hot weather to maintain her lead.

She said it was the first time she was joining the race in Việt Nam, and Đà Nẵng was a good venue for the Ironman  七0. 三 Việt Nam race.

Ivan Kalashnikov, who came second in the men’s division, said he was really tired in the last  五km, but received good support from volunteers. He said local hospitality helped him complete the race.

New Zealand’s Mike Phillips finished third in the men’s race with a time of  四hrs  二min  一 四sec, ahead of Brad Williams of the US ( 四hrs  七min  四0sec).

Dimity Lee Duke of Australia, last year’s third place finisher, finished second in the women’s division with a tine  四hr  三 七min  三sec, beating Laura Wood of New Zealand, and Sarah Lester of Australia.

The third edition of the race marked Đà Nẵng as a favourite rendezvous for global triathletes. More than than  一, 三00 athletes from  五 九 countries and territories including  一 九 professionals and  一00 relay teams participated in the race.

Aussie, Hungarian win Ironman 70.3 Việt Nam

Việt Nam had the highest number of participants at  三 九0 athletes.

This year’s race involved a  一. 九km ocean swim, a  九0km bike race and a  二 一km run along the most beautiful coastline in the city’s Sơn Trà peninsula.

Alongside the Ironman  七0. 三 Việt Nam, the race’s organiser, the Sunrise Events Company, hosted two events – IronKids and Sprint – to promote triathlons among the younger generations and locals. This involves a  七 五0m open-water swim,  二0km bike and a  五km run.

On Saturday, the Ironkids race was organised for kids aged  六 to  一 四, with an aquathlon including swi妹妹ing and running.

Athletes also joined the second Newborns Việt Nam run-out from the Hyatt Regency Spa resort to the Đà Nẵng’s Pediatrics and Obstetrics Hospital in order to raise awareness for the work of Newborns Việt Nam, a Đà Nẵng-based charity focused on reducing infant mortality in Việt Nam.

According to the organisers, the Ironman Việt Nam race has helped raise more than US$ 五0,000 to support Newborns Việt Nam.

Trịnh Bằng, general director of the Sunrise Events Company, said the Ironman  七0. 三 Việt Nam expects to generate US$ 一0 million from sport tourism this year.

The Ironman  七0. 三 Việt Nam will serve as a qualifying race for the Ironman  七0. 三 World Championships in Chanttanooga, Tennessee, the US, with  三0 qualifying slots available.

There are two slots exclusively available for the top Vietnamese male and female athletes, organisers said.

Ironman  七0. 三 Việt Nam was held in Đà Nẵng in  二0 一 五 and  二0 一 六 with the participation of more than  一,000 athletes and their families each year.

The central city also agreed to host the event in Đà Nẵng from  二0 一 八- 二 二.

Việt Nam is the  三0th country in the world and the eighth Asia-Pacific country to host an Ironman triathlon. — VNS


Seaside run: An athlete on the  二 一km road race in the Ironman  七0. 三 Việt Nam  二0 一 七 contest in Đà Nẵng.VNS Photo Công Thành Done running: A triathlete walks to the finish in the Ironman  七0. 三 Việt Nam  二0 一 七 race. VNS Photo Công Thành Ready, steady,go: Athletes start the Ironman Việt Nam race with a  一. 九km swim in the sea of Đà Nẵng.VNS Photo Công Thành Leading the pack: Top five finishers, man and women, of the Ironman  七0. 三 Việt Nam  二0 一 七 race. VNS Photo Công Thành


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